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Contact  Seth and Beth Studio

Contact Seth and Beth Studio – Your wedding is super important to us. 

You are unique. You deserve a custom collection that fits your exact needs.

Packages begin at $2950. Most clients spend between $4500-$7900 which includes a gorgeous album & your digital images. Our collections include a starter album with your first 30-40 photos.

Connect with you

Whether working together or separately, we love the chance to connect with you and your family.

Connect with your family

We treat your folks like they’re our own. We value being parents and value the impact our work has brought to our clients. We’d love a chance to get to know you better.

Photos are meant to be printed and cherished

The culmination of your story is a stunning wedding album. An instant heirloom, your album will certainly be in the hands of your children’s children.

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(614) 300-5050       (330) 322-8338

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Contact Info

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