Meet Our Team

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Meet Our Team

Meet our team. We are driven storytellers. We are determined to learn who you are, what you love about your spouse and what you both are looking forward to. We strive to photograph you through the eyes of those who love you most. By connecting on a more personal level, we become trusted friends on the wedding day. We want to be the harder working photographers you’ve ever seen at a wedding. Your parents become our parents for the day. The albums we create will tell your ultimate wedding story, both visually and artistically.

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let’s be friends

On a personal level, Seth and Beth have been married for over 16 years and we have two rowdy and awesome sons, Geo (10) and Hank (6). We met in 7th grade at a birthday party.  We became friends instantly. Seth earned a PhD in 2003 from The Ohio State University only to find out that photography while Beth was a middle school math and science teacher. Now we are photographers and podcasters.

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