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In efforts to submit our work to Columbus Wedding Magazine, Adam wrote this about his Jessica to be submitted. It was so beautiful, so romantic that I had to publish his words on our blog for you to read.

What a love story.

What Adam wrote about his love for Jessica

In an almost too effortlessly formed relationship, Jessica and I first set eyes on each other while vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – a meeting enabled by another future Mr. and Mrs. who doubled as our respective childhood best friends. We instantly recognized there was something uncommonly exceptional about the immediate friendship we formed as it felt like we had known each other for years. It was a love-at-first-sight encounter in every sense of the cliche. Years later, our too-good-to-be-true love story only continued to blossom into an inseparable bond through the college experience and into our respective careers in the medical field. With life becoming more serious by the day, I knew the time to make the lifelong commitment had come. Plans for the proposal entered my thoughts about three coffees into what started as a normal June Monday morning. Jessica was vacationing at the time with a friend at the very same beach our relationship started. The opportunity was too perfect, and by the end of that very Monday, I had purchased plane tickets, excused myself from work the upcoming Friday afternoon, and managed to purchase the absolutely perfect engagement ring. After probably the longest week of my life, I jumped on a plane in my work clothes while fighting off a serious case of the butterflies and sweaty palms. When I approached Jessica from behind amidst a gorgeous Atlantic sunset, every word I had planned to say abandoned my thoughts. Regardless, I somehow managed to take her breath away through sheer surprise and excitement as I fumbled through about five incoherent sentences – which happened to be just enough to make me the happiest man in the world when she said yes!

The wedding day was absolutely something out of a movie.

A brisk but seasonably warm, bright October day opened with light-hearted wedding-day photos of Jessica and I surrounded by our closest friends and family. It was truly palpable the sense of camaraderie and anticipation of what would become an amazing day. After literally hundreds of stunning, fall-tinged photos and goofy shots of endless smiles and shenanigans, the ceremony was set to begin. My heart was pounding harder and faster than what seemed possible as I caught glimpse of Jessica’s veil before she was set to walk. There wasn’t a dry eye in the congregation watching Jessica take the strides she had always dreamed of taking down the aisle in her childhood church. Mass was a fairy tale from start to finish, and before we could process anything we were on our way in an old-fashioned trolley generously passing hugs and champagne alike. From the creative photo-booth collaborations to too much goofy dancing to hilarious and memorable bridal party speeches, we truly felt the entire day was uniquely our own – a magnificent day to celebrate a perfect marriage.

Bryn Du Mansion Wedding

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