Gervasi Vineyard Wedding

Please enjoy this beautiful Gervasi Vineyard wedding featuring Corin and Mike. Special thanks to all of the following incredible vendors at Gervasi Vineyard for making this a perfect wedding.

In the craziness that is mid-August (87 million weddings and kids going back to school), we somehow found time to blog about the incredible wedding of Corin & Mike at Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, Ohio. Mike and Corin came to us last year and we clicked at the very first meeting. After a killer engage session, we were amped up and ready to rock their wedding back at our old stomping grounds, the Akron/Canton area.

A Gervasi Vineyard Wedding will have a feel of Napa Valley in the Midwest. The cozy feels makes guests feel welcomed as the couple share in a perfect day.Although we had to fight off some rain, the wedding went off without a hitch! We had the pleasure of working with one of the best cinematography teams Ohio (and the nation) has to offer – our great friends at Little Tree Studios. We were tickled to have Corin & Mike’s super rad first kiss shot featured on Fearless Photographers “Fearless Photo of the Day”. In all, the day was filled with love and laughter and it was an honor to be a part of it! Cheers!

Gervasi Vineyard

Gervasi Vineyard is a premier Northeast Ohio wedding venue with so many possibilities. The incredible Gervasi Vineyard Pavilion is a dream wedding reception spot but you are not just limited here! Gervasi has at least 3 other spots that might be for you!

Gervasi Vineyard Pavilion Wedding

The grand location for your wedding ceremony is the Gervasi Vineyard Pavilion. A stunning Tucson feel, The Pavillion is an open-air with the ability to be closed for any wind or rain. The stunning views of Gervasi’s majestic lake and rows of grapevines makes you feel like you are in Napa. It is this feeling that you receive that attracts couples from all of the nation!

We have photographed weddings at Gervasi Vineyard’s Pavilion in a variety of different set-ups. The versatility of the space allows couples to feel like they have choices in where they want to be married and how they want their wedding to look and feel.

Check out this Gervasi Vineyard Wedding!

Pavilion Features

The beautiful 4,000 square foot space allows upto 300 guests to attend. We love the space for a large dance floor and ceremony space. The exquisite tuscan feel can be found with wrought iron and stucco. The many features and amenities including their speaker system, restrooms and green space can be found on Gervasi’s website.

Each Gervasi wedding is different. 

Seth and Beth Podcast at Gervasi

Meet the incredible Wedding Coordinators of Gervasi Vineyard in this awesome podcast. Seth and Beth Wedding Photography go on location to learn about the incredible features of a Gervasi Wedding.

Gervasi – A Destination Wedding Venue

A Vineyard Destination Wedding is affordable! Weddings at Gervasi Vineyard in Canton, OH is a perfect vineyard destination wedding location. Couples from Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana and beyond come to Gervasi for their dream vineyard wedding. They feel they truly receive the Napa experience within hours from their house.

The Gervasi’s New Boutique Hotel

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography cannot stop talking about the awesomeness of Gervasi’s luxury boutique hotel – The Casa! The incredible amenities are endless starting with the covered patio, fireplaces and heated floors. We photographed a wedding where guests rented the entire hotel! The wedding weekend was full of so many memories!

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