Our Wedding Albums

We often get asked, “what separates you from all the other photographers out there?”

I know you love our wedding albums! But what separates us? For us, the question is simple. We pride ourselves on being some of the hardest working photographers in the business. Our wedding day customer service is second to none. After the wedding, we still plan on impressing you and your families – how your wedding looks in print for the rest of your life and beyond. We are proud to offer the absolute most gorgeous albums in the wedding photography industry. Many photographers try to cut corners to save costs…we can assure you – we’ve partnered with the best wedding album company in the U.S. and the product is second to none. Our Renaissance Albums are hand made by a real person in New York (not a robot). We hope these albums will be cherished by you and your families for generations to come!

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The Importance of Wedding Albums

With digital photos completely taking over our lives, a wedding album allows you the one most important day of your life to be printed and cherished.

Why Invest in a Wedding Album?

It is a true investment that grows in value.

What would you pay to see your grandparents’ wedding album from the 1950’s? How important is it for your kids to see your wedding day? It is not a short term investment, it is an investment that becomes more valuable over time.


About Blacksmith Album Co

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography exclusively use the incredible Blacksmith Print Company. The quality of the craftsmanship of the wedding albums that they make are one of the main reasons why we chose this company over the hundreds in the country. We want our wedding albums to be heirloom pieces that couples can hand down to their kids and grandkids. Blacksmith Print Company makes their albums by human hands with real leather, they do not use robots and machines. The exceptional quality ensures that our couples will indeed be able to sit with their grandkids years down the road with their album to share.



How Seth and Beth Photograph Weddings 

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography loves to hang back and be unnoticed to capture different parts of the wedding day. We are close by for your moments but at certain times we know that it is important to not be too intrusive. 

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography Want to be a Wedding Resource to You!

We officially know A LOT about weddings! After a decade of experience photographing weddings, we have seen and encountered many obstacles on the wedding day. Seth and Beth Wedding Photography want to help you build a detailed timeline and be a wedding resource for you through the process to help you eliminate some of these wedding obstacles for you.

How We Handle Family Photos on the Wedding Day

Family photos can be a tough part of the wedding day. We make this easy as we help you make a family photo list before the wedding. On the wedding day, we will bring this list as a guide to make the family photos go quickly and effortless. These important photos need to be in your wedding album.

Seth and Beth are Easy Going Photographers

With a decade of experience, Seth and Beth have learned to roll with the punches and the wedding hurdles that happen throughout the big day. We adjust to unplanned things that happen that may get us off the course of the wedding day timeline.

We are Lively Photographers

Our enthusiastic attitude helps you and your guests feel comfortable, allowing y’all to be yourself. This allows us to capture your true candid self which makes for the best photojournalistic photos. We find couples love these photos the most in their wedding album.

What Sets Seth and Beth Wedding Photography Apart

We love connecting with you and learning what you love about each other. This knowledge helps us deliver the most incredible product because we have learned about you both, what you like doing, what it looks like when you love. We then can create the best photos for your wedding album that you will love for the rest of your life. We don’t just push buttons on a camera but we specialize in learning the chemistry of love and people. That’s what makes us the BEST Ohio wedding photographer.

We are Seth and BethWe are Seth & Beth – married and madly in love. We provide artistic and creative “out of the box” wedding photos in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. We strive to put a fresh, new twist on every wedding photo we take, incorporating colorful surroundings, emotions, and moments. We live to meet strong, sexy brides who are crazy in love and confident grooms that aren’t afraid to cry. We want to deliver beauty and surrealism while maintaining our mission of love and professionalism.

Seth and Beth are husband and wife wedding photographers in Columbus, Ohio. They are an internationally awarded wedding and engagement photographers who have been featured in a variety of blogs and magazines. They’ve won multiple awards including Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice Award, The Knot’s Best of Weddings, and Fearless Photographers. They were also nominated for Rangefinder Magazine’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography for 2015. Seth and Beth photograph weddings all over the state of Ohio and beyond, including Cleveland, Akron, Cincinnati and Toledo. They specialize in creating innovative, dramatic and romantic wedding photos and are two of the most sought after photographer duos in the Columbus, Ohio area.