15 Ways to Have a Stress Free Wedding

These are 15 ways to have a stress free wedding. It is so easy to be stressed when planning a wedding. It’s a huge task! This is one of the biggest events of your life and we all want it to be absolutely perfect. We are here to give you some tips on how not to be stressed on your wedding day and how to deal with stress when it comes your way. 

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  1. You want your wedding to look and be perfect. This makes total sense, but being able to let go of the idea of everything being perfect will relieve you of so much unnecessary stress.
  2. Feeling the need to impress your guests? You will undoubtedly impress your guests with all of your small touches and details. Take a step back and think to yourself, that is enough. Your guests will be more impressed with you being calm and happy then stressed about details. 
  3. It’s ok to ask for help. Having a wedding coordinator help you plan your wedding can make all the difference in the world. It is helpful to have someone who is an expert in wedding planning, to help you figure out the logistics of your wedding day. Sometimes it is nice to have someone to lean on so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Check out our podcast with wedding coordinator, Leda Anderson with Events Held Dear, to learn more about how a wedding coordinator can help you on your wedding day.

  1. Exercise! Exercising is a great way to relieve stress and find mental clarity! It helps to burn off steam and have a clear mind when planning your wedding. Not only will exercising make you look amazing for your wedding day, this will make you inwardly feel good for your wedding day. 

Listen to this podcast with OrangeTheory Fitness to learn more about the benefits of exercising!

  1. Who’s going to be there can cause stress. Sometimes you have to invite people that may cause you stress. Some good advice for your stress-free wedding, invite them and just don’t talk to them. Ideas to do this are simple! You can wave to them or grab a quick photo with them but you don’t have to engage in long conversations with them.
  2. Having a detailed wedding timeline is so important to keep the day organized and moving swiftly. It can be easy to lose track of time when getting ready for your big day, so having a timeline helps keep you on track. Being on time on your wedding day is so important and alleviates tons of stress. If you are late, it can cause you to be stressed, so having a set timeline is so important and helpful. Make sure you check out our blog to help you create a wedding timeline so you can enjoy every bit of your wedding on your big day! https://sethandbeth.com/2020/08/6-wedding-reception-timeline-tips/
  3. Sometimes hair and makeup goes over in time and push the time back. Hiring an experienced photographer that can handle situations like this will help during stressful moments on the wedding day. Seth and Beth wedding photography, with their 10 years of service, have had to adapt to situations like this on the wedding day many times. They know just what to do.
  4. Things happen!!! You need to push past it!! You have to accept the fact that things on your wedding day may not go as planned, but you need to learn how to push past it and go with the flow. Everything is going to work out!
  5. You cannot overly think about things going wrong. If you continuously think about everything going wrong on your wedding day, you are going to look past the things that went amazing and not enjoy yourself on your wedding day.
  6. You have to let go and not stress because it will show in your wedding photos. Your stress can show in your wedding photos and who wants to look stressed in their wedding photos?! If you let go and let things happen, you will look the best and feel the best in your wedding photos.
  7. “Stress comes from the obsessed” Just stop going to Pinterest. With the help of the internet, we can easily get overwhelmed with more ideas and become obsessed with planning. We have to just tell ourselves that we have had enough and stop.
  8. You cannot control everything. If you try to control everything on your wedding day, you are not going to appreciate the day. This is one of the biggest days of your life! Enjoy it! Let loose and let the day happen.
  9. Live the day to the fullest ~ Carpe Diem! It is so important to focus on the positive moments of the day and visualize these incredible moments for yourself. Practicing this will help you have a stress-free wedding.
  10. You should obsess about what’s going to be good on your wedding day, not the bad stuff that you can’t control. Coming to the reality that there will be things that happen that are out of your control on your wedding day will give you peace of mind if it does. Allow yourself to obsess about the happy moments that will fill your special day and avoid 
  11. Know something will happen but accept it and don’t freak out about it. Control your reaction if something doesn’t go the way that you planned. Plan how you will react so you aren’t disappointed when things aren’t picture perfect.

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How We Handle Family Photos on the Wedding Day
Family photos can be a tough part of the wedding day. We make this easy as we help you make a family photo list before the wedding to help us get the family photos you want. On the wedding day, we will bring this list as a guide to make the family photos go quickly and effortless.

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Stress Free Wedding
Stress Free Wedding
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