How to plan for your engagement shoot

How to plan for your engagement shoot. This is a popular question that we would love to help you answer. There is definitely a great deal that goes into planning for your engagement shoot including, communication with your photographer, planning location, timing, weather, coordination of clothes, and discussing what to do with the photos when you are done.

1. What do you both enjoy doing?

Engagement photos are more than just standard ‘look at me’ we are getting married photos. This session is a time for you both to reconnect during the hustle and bustle of life. Let your photographer know what activities you both enjoy doing together. If you enjoy hiking together, maybe you would want to take your engagement photos in a park or on a hiking trail. Maybe it is cooking together in your kitchen. You can start the session in your home together. 

2. Write down the important qualities that you love about each other

Planning for your engagement shoot should include your special love and the way you love each other. We always ask our couples the qualities that they love about their partner. We want to focus on the qualities you admire about each other. This can really translate into your engagement photos.  

3. What do you want to capture in your engagement shoot?

How to plan for your engagement shoot to capture who you are? We want to capture the fun, silly, and happy moments of your relationship. Some couples have specific photos that they are wishing to capture. Perhaps it is including your pet, this is can be accomplished. It is important to let your photographer know what kind of photos you are looking for and what aspects you want to be captured.

4. How can I include my pet in my engagement shoot?

Are you looking for tips to include your pets in photos?! If you are looking for a great resource to learn how to wrangle your mutt for your epic family photos, wedding photos or just any photo session, you have got to check out this awesome Seth and Beth Podcast where we give the best tips!

Check out this blog to learn more!

4. Figure out what your wearing

It is important to pick more than one outfit for your engagement shoot. This is great to have two options to choose from and make sure you get the most out of your session. Make sure not to pick too many patterns because it may make you blend in or confuse the camera.

5. Pick a location that’s right for you

How to plan for your engagement shoot location? Make the location you pick special to both of you. Pick a location you enjoy traveling to or somewhere that relates to your relationship in some way. Maybe it would be somewhere where you first met. Anything that is special to the both of you. This will make for some awesome sentimental photos for your future.

What is a Connection Session?

A connection session is where we photograph a couple who is engaged and ready to get married. We like to feature the love they share towards each other and the candid moments. Connection sessions are laid back and fun! Contact us now because we are booking super fast. Feel free to give us a phone call at 330-322-8338 or 614-300-5050. We love talking on the phone and getting to know our couples!

Some couples like to choose a location for their photoshoot that has a significant meaning to them. Check out this awesome Costco Engagement Shoot!!!

Photos Are Meant To Be Printed & Cherished

One day, your children will look for photos of you both…what will they find?

The culmination of your story is a stunning family album. An instant heirloom, your album will certainly be in the hands of your children’s children. Handmade of the finest quality in the industry, the album allows your full story to come to life! Clients leave our studio grasping their albums like treasures. To have and to hold in your hands, your album will bring you years of happiness & allow you to reconnect & feel those wonderful wedding day moments all over again.

What To Expect At Your Engagement Shoot

We call them Connection Sessions. It’s your first family session. 90-minute photo session spending some quality time together, getting to know you, and taking rad pics in the process. Lots of cuddling and laughing…we’ll have a blast!

How to pan for your engagement shoot
How to pan for your engagement shoot
How to pan for your engagement shoot
How to pan for your engagement shoot
How to pan for your engagement shoot
How to pan for your engagement shoot