Rockmill Brewery

740-215-5874  |  5705 Lithopolis Road NW Lancaster, Ohio

About Rockmill Brewery Wedding Venue

Rockmill Brewery wedding venue is an incredible wedding venue with a beautiful stunning property, intimate venue and pinterest perfect chapel. When getting ready in the large bridal party suits, there are large windows that allow natural light in for the best getting ready experience. Rockmill’s property starts at a serene river that overlooks a picturesque lake and acres of rolling green land. There are many areas around that are perfect for a couple’s ceremony.

After, the farmhouse opens up for dinner and dancing to make for the perfect reception. The large fire pits are perfect for relaxing and unwinding during dancing breaks.

The historical aspect of Rockmill is everywhere and makes you feel special just being there. The calmness of the creek and land makes photographing the love of couples so easy.

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Rockmill Brewery is located only a half hour from Columbus in Lancaster, Ohio.








Rockmill Brewery Wedding Venue

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