Alaska Destination Wedding

The back story

Alaska Destination Wedding – Jasmine & Erik are chiropractors in the Grandview area – Active Edge Chiropractic. Erik’s magical hands saved Seth’s back after ten years of constant pain. After mentioning their problem of finding a photographer for their Alaskan adventure, we jumped at the chance. For us, this is the furthest we have been away from home. We dumped the kids off at grandma and grandpas and went for it! After multiple flight delays and some lost luggage, we found ourselves in Anchorage wearing the same clothes for two and a half days. Our drive to Homer, Alaska made the whole trip worth it.

Alaskan Animals

Things we learned about Alaska: bald eagles are like pigeons…they are everywhere, including a flyby during Erik’s vows. Moose really do just walk around like they own the place. The sun comes up at 5:15 am and stays fully bright until 11:00 pm.

About the wedding

Jasmine & Erik got married with their friends and family at one of the most lavishing mansions we have ever seen. Overlooking the Kachemak Bay and mountains the couple danced the night away in broad daylight.

Alaskan Glacier Photos

Our Alaskan experience culminated in our day after session. The four of us took a boat across the bay, hiked up a 500 ft mountain for an hour, warding off bears and bugs. The final landing spot was Grewingk Glacier in the Kenai Mountains. After climbing the hillsides, the photoshoot got real when Seth asked Jasmine & Erik if they would swim to and jump on a piece of glacier in the frigid waters. The photos were quick and crazy. As Jasmine got back to shore we quickly peeled her wedding dress off of her…for the first time in all of our weddings, Seth was shirtless, hugging a naked bride as Beth toweled off her bottom half with a Cavs t-shirt. The final product looks incredible though.