A Full Season of Podcasts – Seth and Beth Wedding Photography

How the podcast started

A Full Season of Podcasts – Seth and Beth Wedding Photography

Seth and I started podcasting to educate couples about wedding venues that we love! Seth previously was creating mobile podcasts for businesses and currently hosts a business podcast, Learn From Us Podcast in Richfield, Ohio. We took his knowledge and skills that he learned and started traveling to our favorite venues in Columbus, Akron and Cleveland Ohio!

We love WPPI

Three years in a row, Seth and I traveled to Las Vegas to the WPPI conference and said we were going to take a year off. That was until I had a bright idea! Let’s podcast in Vegas! 

For the next month, Seth and I reached out to a dozen other awesome people in the wedding industry with our fingers crossed that they would come on. 

The WPPI Podcast

Seth and I have launched the WPPI podcast series where we interviewed 13 incredible photographers, influencers and entrepreneurs with various backgrounds and businesses in the wedding field. We learned their story, learned how they overcame their struggles and provided an uplifting source of inspiration for us…and for you!

We interviewed:

All of the Podcasts are up and active now on YouTube channel and listen from 1 to 13! Get ready to be inspired.

WPPI Podcast guest

Seth and Beth – Wedding Photography is a photography and cinematography studio based in Akron, Ohio. Seth and Beth are one of the most sought-after photography duos in the Midwest and are internationally awarded. They are Magmod Ambassadors and Fearless Photographer Award winners. They have been featured by Rangefinder Magazine, Huffington Post, Shotkit, The Knot, Wedding Wire, Maharani Weddings and many more.

Check out the Seth and Beth Podcast on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ2SlzPDlR1znO4zeZteKig?view_as=subscriber

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