Memoirs of a COVID Ceremony

This is a memoir of a COVID ceremony. The unimaginable happened. The call. The notice. No wedding. 

 For some, when you are put on the line, it is time to germinate ideas and make it work. Erica and Phil wanted to keep their date of April 11, 2020. It was their date and they were going to keep it. They started thinking about what this would look like. A ceremony during COVID-19 with no venue, no florist, no cake or caterer, and without their guests. They didn’t want to ask their loved ones to be unsafe due to the COVID virus or that they were making wrong choices. Though this was the hardest part because they wanted to be surrounded by their family and guests, they would just have a reception later. Erica and Phil were still so happy to have their flower girl and ring bearer, their dogs, at the ceremony.

The Decision to have a COVID ceremony

Erica and Phil were ready to not lose their moment and be creative, germinate ideas and make it work. Erica found beautiful pink roses for her bouquet. Phil expedited his tux keeping his fingers crossed that it would fit. They set up a live stream for their guests and they were ready to be married.

There is Hope if you are thinking of having a ceremony too!

During a time when you are surrounded by uncertainty, it is so rewarding to know that you can get married. You can tell the person that you love so much that you are ready to spend your life with them. They look forward to a July reception at The Ivory Room in Columbus, Ohio where they will be able to celebrate with everyone.


This windchime is outside of the bride and groom's Columbus, Ohio home. As it rings, Lulu the family's dog is remembered. Lulu passed away a few months prior.

Groom gets the live stream ready before his COVID ceremony Unity candle for bride and groom. Groom gets unity candle ready for his COVID ceremony Groom gets ready for his COVID ceremony. This little doggie is the ring bearer for the COVID ceremony in Columbus, Ohio. Bride and Groom hold hands during their COVID ceremony in Columbus, Ohio A groom holds his vows as he listens to his bride reads her during a COVID ceremony in Columbus, Ohio. A bride reads her vows during her COVID ceremony in Columbus, Ohio A groom listens to his bride read her vows during a COVID ceremony in Columbus, Ohio A bridal portrait during a COVID ceremony in Columbus, Ohio Pictures of lulu the family dog and grandma attached to a bouquet of a bide. A first family portrait of a bride and groom and their two dogs. A bride and groom outside of their home after their COVID ceremony.

A bride and groom standing in the street on their wedding day

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