Being prepared for a Hindu Wedding and learning what to expect is crucial. Below are 5 tips for you to use to learn what to expect at a Hindu Wedding.

  1. Family |Family is so important in the Hindu Culture. You can expect 300-500 friends and family on average at all Indian weddings. All are welcomed to support the bride and groom’s families and bless the new marriage.
    • Dancing | Dancing and music is a way to celebrate the bride and groom and their new life together.
    • Love | Family and Friends share their love and support with the bride and groom in different customs and traditions in ceremonies, speeches and, choreographed dances
  2. Color | Beautiful and bright colors are essential to a Hindu wedding. Many would find it to be offensive to wear black or white to a Hindu ceremony.
    • Flowers and Decor| Bright and colorful flowers decorate the couple’s bouquets, stage, and backdrop
    • Bridal Attire | A Hindu bride does not wear white. Many Hindu brides wear red or a bright color that they feel confident wearing. She will choose a color for her bridesmaids that pairs nicely with her wedding dress and decorations.
  3. Symbolic Ceremonies and Traditions | The many symbolic ceremonies and traditions cover multiple days and on these days last up to 20 hours. If you are a guest, there will be opportunities throughout the day to rest and refresh.
  4. Multiple Day Ceremonies | The multiple-day ceremonies are so powerful and full of emotion. If you are invited to any part of a Hindu wedding, you can consider yourself to be lucky and a special person to the couple.
    • Long Days |The long Hindu Wedding Day will be full of family, color, ceremony, and tradition. Make sure to take advantage of the time to rest and prepare for a long day. Many will change up to 4 times a day for different ceremonies.
  5. Fashion | The Indian Fashion vary from which part of India the families are from. You may find it to be useful to find out what part of India the couple is from.

We have had the honor to photograph Indian Wedding celebrations at the historical and breathtaking Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. Whether on the West Terrace or in the Palm House, Franklin Park Conservatory provides an incredibly colorful and luxurious background for Indian and Indian Fusion Weddings. We have had the honor of working with the team from Franklin Park for years and they are always some of the best hosts around. Our photographic style plays so well into the look and feel of Indian weddings – the vibrant colors, the exciting emotions, and the use of amazing natural backgrounds.

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