Wedding Day Hair Stylist Tips | We reached out to some of our favorite wedding day hair stylists to give you the inside scoop on how to choose your wedding day hairstyle and what you should look for when choosing your hairstylist! Choosing your hairstyle for your wedding day is one of the many big decisions you have to make.

We made sure to showcase the pictures of each artist’s work to show you just how amazing they are at what they do!

Simply Makeup & Hair

We asked Simply Makeup & Hair what the most popular and trending hairstyles are and why having a professional hairstylist is so important.

They told us, “We love to make brides look and feel like the best version of themselves, so choosing a hairstyle that is comfortable for them is always the best.

We always love to see how each year trends change. This year we are seeing mostly down and half up half down. For updos, the most popular is a textured low bun, with beautiful pieces left to frame the face.

Having a professional hair (and makeup) artist will make a bride’s day fun, enjoyable, and will relieve a little stress off not having to get themselves ready. We are often told it’s one of the “fun” parts of planning a wedding. We also have our kits stocked full of the industry’s best hair and makeup products, to ensure everything will last throughout the day, and throughout a fun night of dancing.”

Goode Beauty Hair and Makeup

We have worked with Shannon numerous times and every time her work is spectacular! We knew we had to get her input!

What should a bride think about when deciding a wedding day hairstyle? 

“It is always good to think about the theme of her wedding and if it is polished and regal or boho and not-so-done. A few other things to think about are the weather. Is it going to be hot and humid or cold? The length, texture, and fullness of the hair make a huge difference when it comes to styles. Are you wanting to add extensions or length or fullness? There are lots of things to consider when it comes to wedding day beauty. Starting with a hair trial is always a good idea. This is your chance to talk about inspirations and what your options are. This will help to get a good idea about how things will work with your hair on the day of the wedding. You can also change your mind completely after the trial. The most important thing is to communicate and be honest about your thoughts and desires.”

What are the popular wedding hairstyles trending now? 

“We get this question all the time. What we see the most of is a modern take on the boho-chic inspirations. Whether it be a half-up hairstyle with a blown-out twist to add texture or a braided updo. You can pretty much do whatever inspires you most and make it your own by adding sweet little flowers or even a special necklace to your hairstyle!”

Sarah W. Hair Design

Sarah is simply amazing at what she does! We love working with her and always admire her work. She let us know what products she uses to ensure your hair stays looking beautiful and fresh all day long! 

“My Kit Must-Haves!

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo, Texture Spray, and Luminous Hairspray Medium Hold 

Schwarzkopf Tame Wild and Powder Cloud

Lastly, Kenra Professional  25!”

Some important things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding day hairstyle:

Hair up or down? How do you decide?

“I always ask my brides a couple of key questions when trying to decide.

A.) Are you typically a hair down or ponytail girl? If you always wear your hair down you will likely want to stick to what makes you the most comfortable – in this case, I would recommend a down or half-up style.

B.) What does your dress look like? For instance, you may want to pull your hair up if you have a dress with an amazing back that you want to showcase. However, you may want to go down if you have a strapless dress and want the comfort of hair on your shoulders.”

What should a bride think about when deciding on a wedding day hairstyle? 

“What is the texture of your hair? The best looks are the ones that work with your hair strengths. Don’t force it!  For example, If your hair doesn’t hold heat styling well it is best to plan ahead. For this, I would recommend adding clip-in extensions or wearing your hair in an upstyle.”

What are the popular wedding hairstyles trending now?

“The most popular bridal style this wedding season is “vintage” or “Hollywood” waves! They have taken over and I’m loving it! Some brides are going for the classic deep part with vintage waves while others are giving it a modern twist with a sleek middle part and vintage waves.”

Lauren Wolff Hair Design 

We worked with Lauren for two recent weddings and I could not get over how gorgeous the two bride’s hair looked! We immediately knew we had to contact her for her input! Here are Lauren’s tricks for wedding day hairstyles:

Tips & Tricks for Picking the Perfect Wedding Day Hairstyle!

”Every client has different preferences & hair types. Some hairstyles work better with different hair types. I love working with clients to help pick a hairstyle that makes them look & feel amazing! The bride is investing in photography that will last a lifetime, so they should pick a hairstyle that makes them feel comfortable & confident. I always do a thorough consultation with my clients at their trial to make sure we are on the same page. Some of the main things to consider are the style of the wedding dress, the theme of the wedding, the venue (formal or casual, indoor or outdoor), the seasonality & weather, and of course, hair type (sometimes extensions are required to achieve the desired look).”


“Do a trial run before the wedding day. I require a trial for all my brides. The trial is our only chance to ensure the bride’s satisfaction before the big day. It helps to calm nerves, create a plan & have an overall better experience on the wedding day. I recommend booking the trial 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding date so the bride’s hair is a similar length/color & so they have their accessories with them by that time. If possible, it’s nice to align the hair trial on the same day as the makeup trial &/or a dress fitting so the bride can see the full look together before the wedding day.

Here are a few reminders that I send to my brides before their trial:

1. Please come with dry, clean, or “day old” hair (however your hair usually styles best, just want to avoid excessive oil.)

2. Bring 1-3 hair inspiration photos (ideally back, front & side views. It’s best if the hair color in the inspiration photos matches your hair color to ensure realistic expectations.) 

3. If possible, wear a neutral top that has a similar neckline to your wedding dress (or a white or black tank top would work – something without a collar/hood)

4. Wear your hair down on the morning of your appointment (helps to prevent flattened roots)

5. Bring your wedding day accessories (veil, hair accessories, jewelry)

(I also frequently do trials for the mother of the bride & groom. Trials are great for anyone who is worried about getting their hair done or who hasn’t gotten their hair professionally done before. It’s hard to picture yourself with a formal hairstyle, so the trial is very beneficial!)”


“The bride should stand out! There are so many gorgeous accessories available for brides now that can help complete their look. Veils, clips, headbands, tiaras, florals & so much more. (I included a few of my favorites below but happy to go into more detail here if you want!)”

Twigs & Honey ®, LLC | hair adornments, veils, headpieces, bridal attire, wedding accessories (

Heirloom Bridal Accessories | Paris by Debora Moreland (

Untamed Petals – Bridal Veils, Headpieces, Belts, Accessories

Olive + Piper | Jewelry Boutique & Wedding Jewelry (

Bridal Accessories | Etsy


“Updos are the way to go if it’s rainy or hot & humid. Updos will help to keep a consistent look all day without getting frizzy or losing volume. If a client is getting married during a rainy or hot & humid time, but wants to wear their hair down, I strongly recommend getting extensions.

Extensions will help to hold the hair style. There are TONS of options for extension (also happy to go into more detail here if you want me to). If the bride is just looking for something to enhance the wedding day look (or special occasions like bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal), clip-in extensions are a great option. My favorite brand is Luxy Hair Extensions & Accessories by Luxy Hair

Hair Prep: Common myth is that dirty hair styles better, but I promise that’s not true for everyone. As mentioned above, I tell my clients to come with dry, clean or “day old” hair.

Favorite Styling Products:

This is tough because I am also a product junkie! There are soo many great products out there. Here are some of my current favorites that work for all hair types:

Maria Nila Power Powder

Kenra Working Hairspray

Kenra Finishing Hairspray”

Power Powder 2g | Volympulver | Maria Nila

Working Spray 14 | Kenra Professional

Volume Spray 25 | Kenra Professional