Color for Bridesmaids Dresses for 2023 Weddings

Are you looking for the perfect color for bridesmaids dresses? This can be a daunting task for any bride. Check out this blog as it gives you fresh ideas to trending colors bridesmaids colors for 2023. 

Mismatched Bridesmaids Colors 

Bold & Mismatched

Bold and unique colors are a major trend for 2023. Have fun with the colors picking and choosing colors that represent the personalities of each person on your side of the wedding party. Mismatched colors for your bride squad is a chic look. 


Having a winter wedding? This neutral dovetail mismatched set is a great winter color for bridesmaids dresses. I love how the bride totally pops amongst the gray and brown dress colors. Considering this was a winter wedding, the bridesmaids rocked some long sleeve, sweater-material dresses. I love how these dresses were classy, beautiful, and not to mention…warm! 

Color for Bridesmaids Dresses that are bold but not too much

North Sea Green

Are you looking for an awesome summer color that will be the perfect pop of color on a wedding day? A beautiful green bridesmaids dress is just the right color. This color for bridesmaids Dresses are bold but not too much giving you a sophisticated look for your big day. 

A north sea green color is a stunning trend for brides wanting a refreshing look. These dresses complement navy suits. The beautiful undertones of the dress will create a balance with the groomsmen in your wedding photos. 

Starry Night Blue

Can we just talk about how stunning this starry night blue is?! In this wedding, the bridesmaids are paired with beautiful red and pink bouquets and I think it is just so classy. This dark blue also pairs great with sunflowers! Adrianne’s bridesmaids looked so amazing in this starry night blue dress color but the sparkles totally nailed it for me! Adding sparkles to bridesmaid dresses can be so classy and elegant! This is a perfect color for bridesmaids dresses

Cold on your wedding day?? Add a fur shawl! This has become extremely popular for cold wedding days. Adding a beautiful brown fur shawl can totally vamp up the look and keep you staying warm and stylish for the big day!

Different Styles for Bridesmaids Dresses

Slate Blue

Dreaming of a dusty/gray blue for your wedding day?! This slate blue color has become one of the biggest wedding color trends because of its versatility with many different other colors. Flattering every skin tone, slate blue is a force to be reckoned with! Not only is it versatile, but it is also beautiful for a spring wedding! Charlotte’s bridesmaid totally rocked this slate blue color and they all totally glowed on the wedding day!

Notice how all the bridesmaids are wearing the same color in different dress styles?? This is all the rage right now and I am absolutely loving it! Each style of dress can be picked out by your bridesmaid individually to let them find the perfect style for them. I truly can say that I think this color looks totally amazing on everyone and totally compliments the bride’s white dress!

3 Tips to Picking your Perfect Color for Bridesmaids Dresses

Picking your perfect color for bridesmaids dresses can be a challenge. There is so much to think about as you start your process. Below are 4 tips to help you pick out your perfect color for bridesmaids dresses.

  1. Think about what time of the year you are getting married. This will help you choose your color palette.
  2. Each person in your wedding party has a color that compliments them. Try to find a shade that represents your wedding and overall looks amazing on everyone.
  3. Your wedding dress style needs to compliment your bridesmaids. Have your dress in mind as you pick the perfect color for your bridesmaids.

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