Best Indian Wedding Photography in Cleveland

Are you looking for the best Indian wedding photography in Cleveland? We love connecting with you and learning what you love about each other. Using this information we can create the best Indian wedding photography that you will love and cherish for the rest of your life. We don’t just push buttons on a camera but we specialize in learning the chemistry of love between you as a couple, and your wedding guests. That’s what makes us the BEST Ohio wedding photographer.

Best Indian Wedding Photography

How to Get the Best Indian Wedding Photography

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography is known to deliver the best Indian wedding photography. Our years of experience with the different types of Indian Wedding ceremonies have allowed us to gain the knowledge to be one of the premier Indian wedding specialists. Because Seth and Beth are two master photographers and have over a decade of photographing together, they have the professionalism to handle a long Indian wedding weekend. We are so blessed to have been a part of some of the most lavishing Indian weddings in Columbus, Cleveland, and throughout Ohio.

Indian Bride Photos

All of our Indian Brides and Indian Grooms deserve the most epic, stunning portraits to remember themself by on their wedding day. It is important to capture these timeless memories of a bride’s sari or lehenga. The beautiful colors that she chooses, the patterns, and the beading will be talked about forever. We look forward to photographing the beautiful jewelry, red and gold bangles, incredible earrings, gold necklaces, each toe ring, an anklet that is worn. For the groom, his family will always be remembering the kurta or sherwani that he wore on his wedding day. Seth and Beth Wedding Photography will make sure that you feel comfortable as we take the best Indian wedding photos. This is important, we want you to remember feeling like yourself in the photos, confident and comfortable.

Best Indian Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Photos

In Indian wedding photos, the colorful ceremonies with the grand entrances are always so exciting. Each Mandap is unique in its own way depending on the colors, flowers, and other decorative materials that the couple chooses to use. We are looking for key religious moments as we photograph the ceremony. Anticipating the lighting of the fire, throwing of puffed rice, and exchanges of moments between the couple and their parents. The best Indian wedding photography is when the reactions of the parents and guests are captured. Their smiles and excitement are seen in every photo.

We look forward to capturing all of the important parts of your Indian wedding reception. If given the time, we will document your guests at cocktail hour, laughing with friends and family and enjoying the entertainment. As you are introduced for the first time as husband and wife at the reception, we will be there to capture you and your guests’ reactions as they cheer you both on.

We look forward to and are ready to document the incredible dancing from you, your family, and your guests as the drums start playing and the DJ begins the enchanting Bollywood music.

Entering the creativity portion of the Indian wedding experience is an exciting part of Ohio Indian Wedding Photography. Our Indian wedding couples are full of life and love and it is a true joy to capture their relationship in a creative and unique way. Creativity in photos allows us to use our lighting skills and natural posing.
We know that your family photos are super important to you and they have to happen. We also know that family photos can be a difficult part of the photography process. We are ready to make you and your family feel comfortable as we are able to quickly capture each family member, make them smile, and have them feel like themself in the photo.

Indian couple kissing in Cleveland Ohio

3 Tips to Hosting a Mesmerizing Sangeet Ceremony

Looking for tips and tricks on organizing a breathtaking Sangeet Ceremony? 

  1. Choose the Right Venue

Looking for tips and tricks on organizing a breathtaking Sangeet Ceremony? Check out this guide for essential advice on making your special day memorable. 

  1. Decide on a Theme

Decorating and styling your Sangeet ceremony doesn’t have to be complicated, but having a theme can make the process much easier. By selecting a vibrant theme such as colors, and traditions of your family, you can create an exciting atmosphere that will bring joy and ecstasy to your special day

  1. Celebrate with Dance and Music

Music and dance are the core elements of any Sangeet Ceremony. Designate DJs and dancers that can entertain your guests with their jubilant rhythms and synchronizing moves. Make your Sangeet ceremony an unforgettable experience for your party by allowing them to dance.  Prepare an exciting playlist filled with a variety of genres and popular Bollywood songs so everyone can have fun.

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Best Indian Wedding Photography

How We Handle Family Photos on the Wedding Day

Family photos can be a tough part of the wedding day. We make this easy as we help you make a family photo list before the wedding to help us get the family photos you want. On the wedding day, we will bring this list as a guide to make the family photos go quickly and effortlessly.

We are Seth and Beth

We are Seth & Beth – married and madly in love and provide artistic and creative “out of the box” wedding photos in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. As always, we strive to put a fresh, new twist on every wedding photo we take, incorporating colorful surroundings, emotions, and moments which produce the best Indian wedding photography. We live to meet strong, sexy brides who are crazy in love and confident grooms that aren’t afraid to cry. We want to deliver beauty and surrealism while maintaining our mission of love and professionalism.

Best Indian Wedding Photography
Best Indian Wedding Photography
Best Indian Wedding Photography
Best Indian Wedding Photography