Rewards of Parenting

The rewards of parenting are different for each person and each family. There is so much work that goes into parenting but also a tremendous amount of reward that comes from it. 

Parenting Style

We get to choose our own parenting style and what is right for our kids and family. Each child, each family has to make the choice of what is right for them. That choice might be different than what we do in our family. Those choices don’t make it right or wrong, it just makes it different. 

What we thought parenting would be like

I never knew what it would like to be a parent. I guess I always thought it would be like babysitting which some days I guess it kind of is, parenting just pays less.

The pleasure of seeing the children grow and become more independent and self-efficient every day is one of the greatest rewards. Watching them become people with thoughts and emotions. Finally, Watching the children start to create their own unique personalities is something I daily cherish.

Parenting – Work vs Reward

Working towards being the best in life includes parenting as well. I’ve noticed that if I don’t put the work into being patient, kind, and empathetic, my children will never learn how to also have these attributes. I have to be this way for them. The work I put into making myself the best person that I can be, in return my children will feel rewarded and happy in an environment full of love.  

Family Photos

It is so important for us to capture these moments so we can look back and think about these good days. I always want to remember my children’s smiles, their expressions. 

Do what you like doing in family photos

I’ve noticed that the photos that I love most that we hang on the walls are the ones where we are doing and being ourselves. I strongly recommend that you hire a photographer for lifestyle photos to capture what you and your family like doing the most. This It’s going to look different for each family. Maybe you’re a gaming family, or you like to play board games, or do you like playing backyard baseball games. These are all the moments that need to be captured.

You will miss the moments someday

If we don’t take the time to document these moments, The moment will be lost. We have to capture the moments now because we will miss them someday.

Record your children’s voice/conversation

Just like missing the moment, missing their sweet voices will also be gone. It is so wonderful to snuggle at night and without your kiddos even knowing it, you push record and let them talk. 

Take photos of the moments

There is no number of photos that are enough when capturing life’s moments. The importance is to print the photos and hang them on your wall.

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Why print photos

Displaying photographs in your home empowers children and young adults to be bold, confident, and feel loved; it inspires and reminds moms and dads that they are great parents. 

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The Rewards of Parenting

Rewards of Parenting

The Rewards of Parenting

The Rewards of Parenting

The Rewards of Parenting

The Rewards of Parenting

The Rewards of Parenting

The Rewards of Parenting

The Rewards of Parenting

The Rewards of Parenting

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