Wedding Planning Tips!

When planning a wedding there is a great deal to think about. Below are wedding planning tips to help you in your wedding prep. Make sure to check out the video podcast to learn even more!

  • Creative Wedding Photos
  • Timing
  • First look or not a first look
  • When to take the photos
  • Should I use props?
  • What happens if it rains?
  • Family photos

Creative Wedding Photos

Creative wedding photos most likely are going to be your most remembered photos from the day.

Timing – Wedding Planning Tips

Timing is key. The correct timing can lead to you feeling better in the photos, whatever that feeling is for you. This is a key wedding planning tip!

First Look or No First Look

If it is a first look that makes you feel better, less stressed and more relaxed, then you should definitely do this. Whatever makes you feel awesome on your wedding day is the best route to take.

When To Take Photos

More Wedding Planning Tips!

The position of the sun during your photos is important to take into consideration. If it is noon and the sun is overhead, you are going to be squinting and feeling super hot. Everyone feels better in the evening when the sun is at an angle and it is cooler. Imagine yourself walking outside, it is balmy, sweaty, and just hot. Then envision it being 7pm and the sun is low in the sky, people are happier and not being blasted by the sun. If you feel better, you will look better and your experience will be better.

Most professional photographers can do magic in 10 minutes in great light. Often, photographers feel like their hands are tied at noon with the overhead sun. Simply, it is more difficult to get gorgeous photos with noon overhead sun.

To Use props or Not to Use Props – Wedding Planning Tips

This is always  an interesting question. For some couples props are fun! If you are into them, bring them. Why not?! If there is a specific photo that you want to do on your wedding day, let’s do it.


Inclement weather can be a bummer on your wedding day. Another wedding planning tip – The best way to handle this situation is just to embrace it. Be adventurous! As past Magmod ambassadors, we love creating brilliant photos by using off-camera flash during rain, snow and other inclement weather.

If you are not drawn to the elements, fire a great photographer that can do great things in tight places. Then you don’t have to worry about the rain. You know that your photographer can take epic indoor photos of you and your new groom. We have taken stunning photos in janitorial closets, basements and hallways by just using a camera and a flash.

Family Photos

Family photos can be stressful. Hiring an experienced hands-on photographer that knows how to deal with big groups and families is important. This is a tough part of the day because it is not easy to get max people with onions to do the same thing – Stand in a family photo. You will want a precise list of family photos to save you a headache on the wedding day.

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