It can be so hard finding one of the bridesmaid dress color trends that is right for you. Seth and Beth Wedding Photography talked to 3 of our brides and got their take on how they chose their beautiful bridesmaid dress colors!

Things to consider:

  1. Find your inspiration
  2. Location is key
  3. What is your personal style?
  4. Ask your fiance’s opinion
  5. Consider the color of your bridal gown
  6. What season is it for your wedding?
  7. Multiple styles for different bridesmaid body types

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In this episode, we visit the amazing Gilded Social in Columbus, Ohio. We talk the owner, Tanya, to learn about all the amazing dresses that have to offer for all of your social events. We love supporting local vendors and we can a wonderful conversation learning about Tanya, her team, and her incredible shop.

Chelsea & Isac’s Wedding:

“I wanted a deep color to contrast well with my dress. I was looking at either a maroon or deep green and then we decided to do maroon, grey and gold for our colors (because it was kind of an elegant spin off scarlet and grey) so I chose maroon.”

We asked Chelsea where she got her bridesmaid dresses and her inspiration! She told us, “I wanted something simple and inexpensive that they would wear again. My bridesmaids were in multiple states so I used Lulus, ordered each girl multiple sizes and then they returned what didn’t fit (free shipping and returns)!”

Chelsea’s advice to future brides: “There are many websites you can find inexpensive dresses that have multiple styles of the same colors that are much cheaper than your average “David’s Bridal” bridesmaid dress and these dresses are often styles/colors that may be reworn after the wedding.”

Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends
Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends
Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends

Katie & Mike’s Wedding:

“I always liked the coordinated but slightly mismatched look for bridesmaids, so that’s what we did for our wedding. I chose to use an online store that had a full range of styles and I selected three different shades of purple that I personally liked and that complimented my skin tone, hair color, and wedding dress- these shades helped to create our wedding colors and also worked well with the guys’ blue suits. 

I wanted my bridesmaids to like what they were wearing and feel comfortable, so I had them choose their preferred style and purple shade, only making sure there was an even number in each color and no one had the exact same style. This method worked out really well, and I would highly recommend the online store Azazie– they have a huge variety, are more affordable than others I have seen, and offer a reasonably-priced home try-on option as well as custom sizing.”

Inspiration: Lots of color swatches and pinterest boards.

Katie’s advice to future brides: “I think it’s really great to consider your bridesmaids’ personal styles and preferences and include them in the process. The bride is ultimately going to shine no matter what, but I think having bridesmaids that feel happy and confident makes the day that much more joyful and fun for everyone (and really shows in the photos too!) 

Also, my sister-in-law was 8.5 months pregnant at our wedding and was in the wedding party, so something to keep in mind is finding a line of bridesmaid dresses that have maternity options. I was so pleased that the company we used not only had maternity bridesmaid dresses but also sold extra fabric in the same colors in case they still needed to be altered, which came in handy. Having a pregnant bridesmaid was another reason why having individual bridesmaid dress styles felt right for me and I would recommend to others as well. :)”

Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends
Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends

Lizzie & Mike’s Wedding:

“I had gone to many weddings with the blush bridesmaid dresses, which I loved – but wanted something a bit different. I was also looking for colors compatible with the August heat. I loved the simple style of Jenny Yoo dresses and they had maternity styles available as well!”

Inspiration: Prior weddings and various bridal magazines.

When we asked Lizzie to give advice to future brides, she said, “Keep in mind your bridesmaid’s styles, fits, schedules, and budgets. Asking bridesmaids to travel to a dress shop outside of their hometown may not be feasible. You’ll also want dresses that don’t break the bank, because let’s face it, these dresses are unlikely to be worn again. I would consider having bridesmaids pick their own dress in a particular color palate so they will be more likely to wear the dress again. It puts more responsibility on them (since they can shop wherever and for whatever they want) but they can buy a dress within their budget and a dress they are comfortable with.”

Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends
Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends
Bridesmaid Dress Color Trends

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