10 Tips for your Wedding Day

Planning a wedding can be stressful and nerve wracking, but it doesn’t have to be! Seth and Beth have photographed numerous weddings and have learned all the tips and tricks to make your wedding day go smoothly. Continue reading to learn 10 Tips for your Wedding Day.

  1. Get Help!

Sometimes hair and makeup goes over in time and pushes time back. Hiring an experienced photographer that can handle situations like this will help during stressful moments on the wedding day. Seth and Beth wedding photography, with their 10 years of service, have had to adapt to situations like this on the wedding day many times. They know just what to do.

  1. Get Help with Planning the Day

It’s ok to ask for help. Having a wedding coordinator help you plan your wedding can make all the difference in the world. It is helpful to have someone who is an expert in wedding planning, to help you figure out the logistics of your wedding day. Sometimes it is nice to have someone to lean on so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Check out our podcast with wedding coordinator, Leda Anderson with Events Held Dear, to learn more about how a wedding coordinator can help you on your wedding day.

  1. Make a Wedding Timeline

Make sure your wedding party knows too! Having a detailed wedding timeline is so important to keep the day organized and moving swiftly. It can be easy to lose track of time when getting ready for your big day, so having a timeline helps keep you on track. Being on time on your wedding day is so important and alleviates tons of stress. If you are late, it can cause you to be stressed, so having a set timeline is so important and helpful. 

Make sure you check out our blog to help you create a wedding timeline so you can enjoy every bit of your wedding on your big day! 

  1. Don’t Forget to Eat

You NEED to eat! I know you want to squeeze into that dress and look flawless but you still need nutritious food in your body! If you forget to eat it could make you miserable or maybe even nauseous and no one wants that on top of all the other nerves! So, make sure you eat a balanced meal to start your day off right 😉

  1. Use the Bathroom

Use the bathroom! I know it seems silly but you don’t want to get fully dressed and realize you need to use the restroom. It’s also nice to remember to go to the bathroom throughout the night for makeup and hair touch ups with the girls!

  1. Bring an Extra Pair of Shoes

Bring comfy shoes for dancing! Those heels you wear under your wedding dress are NOT going to be the shoes you want when you are having fun at the reception. Wedding’s are a full day event and it is important to be comfortable so you can enjoy every moment of your big day.

  1. You May Want a First Look

Nerves may be involved when you think about seeing your bride or groom at the end of the aisle for the first time so having a private first look can ease some stress. Having a quiet and intimate moment with your significant other can be so special and helps to release the extra nerves of walking down that aisle or standing and waiting at the altar.

  1. Stop Looking at Pinterest

“Stress comes from the obsessed” Just stop going to Pinterest. With the help of the internet, we can easily get overwhelmed with more ideas and become obsessed with planning. We have to just tell ourselves that we have had enough and stop.

  1. Just Give Up! 

At some point you just have to give up and let go of the little things that might be piling up. This moment is going to happen some time a week or two before the wedding. You may have to say to yourself “That is enough”.

Live the day to the fullest ~ Carpe Diem! It is so important to focus on the positive moments of the day and visualize these incredible moments for yourself. Practicing this will help you have a stress free wedding.

  1. You Do You Boo!  

This is a saying that my little sister says over and over to reassure me that not everyone may agree with what I do. Not everyone may agree with what I say. However, at some point I have to do what is right for me. I just have to do ‘me’ and that is OK!

Jessica & Adam

Jessica and Adam had an amazing wedding and truly unforgettable! It was a stress free wedding and they totally went with the flow of things. 

The wedding day was absolutely something out of a movie.

A brisk but seasonably warm, bright October day opened with light-hearted wedding-day photos of Jessica and I surrounded by our closest friends and family. It was truly palpable the sense of camaraderie and anticipation of what would become an amazing day. After literally hundreds of stunning, fall-tinged photos and goofy shots of endless smiles and shenanigans, the ceremony was set to begin. My heart was pounding harder and faster than what seemed possible as I caught glimpse of Jessica’s veil before she was set to walk. There wasn’t a dry eye in the congregation watching Jessica take the strides she had always dreamed of taking down the aisle in her childhood church. Mass was a fairy tale from start to finish, and before we could process anything we were on our way in an old-fashioned trolley generously passing hugs and champagne alike. From the creative photo-booth collaborations to too much goofy dancing to hilarious and memorable bridal party speeches, we truly felt the entire day was uniquely our own – a magnificent day to celebrate a perfect marriage.


Venue: Bryn Du Mansion

Videographer – Jonah Epps Films

Cakes- The Cheesecake Girl

Dress- Wendy’s Bridal Columbus  

Tux – Men’s Wearhouse

Flowers/Decor- Pat Warthen Design 

Wedding Rings- Worthington Jewelers

Engagement Ring – James Free Jewelers

Trolley- The Fun Bus Adventures

Hair/Makeup – Bellezza Spa

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How Seth and Beth Photograph Weddings 

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography love to hang back and be unnoticed to capture different parts of the wedding day. We are close by for your moments but at certain times we know that it is important to be not too intrusive. 

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography Want to be a Wedding Resource to You!

We officially know A LOT about weddings! After a decade of experience photographing weddings, we have seen and encountered many obstacles on the wedding day. Seth and Beth Wedding Photography want to help you build a detailed timeline and be a wedding resource for you through the process to help you eliminate some of these wedding obstacles for you.

How We Handle Family Photos on the Wedding Day

Family photos can be a tough part of the wedding day. We make this easy as we help you make a family photo list before the wedding. On the wedding day, we will bring this list as a guide to make the family photos go quickly and effortless.

Seth and Beth are Easy Going Photographers

With a decade of experience, Seth and Beth have learned to roll with the punches and the wedding hurdles that happen throughout the big day. We adjust to unplanned things that happen that may get us off the course of the wedding day timeline.

10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day
10 Tips for your Wedding Day