Real Wedding Inspiration for you!

Looking for wedding inspiration from real weddings?! Below are so many great wedding tips to help you in your planning. Leave a comment below if you have other ideas for couples in their planning.

Trendy Wedding Tips

Converse wedding shoes

Calling All Fun Brides!!

Brides are always looking for a great pair of dancing shoes for their reception. Brides love this idea as it is a special way for them to comfortably shift into dancing mode. A pair of Monogrammed Converse Wedding Shoes is an exceptional way to do something fun for your reception and create the perfect keepsake that you will wear for a long time. 

Donut Wall

I am so thankful that this trend is really taking off. I find myself to be a donut expert, long-john or traditional cake donuts…I’ll try them all.

Make sure to have to-go boxes for your guests that want a donut but want to consume in privacy.

Sparkler Send-Offs

Sparkler send-offs are a great photo opportunity and a cool memory to leave your guests with at the end of the night. This is a fun way for guests to get involved in an epic photo and feel like they are helping make your wedding pics special.

Couples Timeless Favorites

The color red never goes out of style

If you look through the decades, a red rose is timeless and classic. Your mother’s red rose bouquet can be a borrowed idea for your classic themed wedding. Red always gives a great pop of color in photos and is a perfect accent to nearly every scene.

Seth and Beth Wedding Inspiration

So many of our couples are inspired by our previous couples! Check out our Pinterest page to find your wedding inspiration. Maybe you are looking for ways to include your pets in your wedding photos or incredible black and white wedding photos. Our pinterest page is a great way to be inspired!

Color Palettes that never go out of style


Pink is such a classic color to include in your wedding day color scheme. Any shade of pink, from maeve to dusty rose, always looks good on your bridesmaids. This is an elegant and classy look.


Just like pink, purple of any shade is another classic color palette to be used in a wedding. Purple has been used for generations and you can never go wrong with it. Many brides decide to have their bridesmaids dress in different shades of purple for an awesome ombre effect.

Dark Green

You may be thinking, green? YES! In the wedding below, the bride used dark green to add to the winter theme she had created with her wedding. Dark green can be used for any season and is a great color scheme to incorporate in your wedding!

Classic Elements For Your Day

Create eye catching centerpieces

Creating a beautiful centerpiece is so important. This is something that your guests are going to be looking at while they are sitting at their table so it is important to make it eye catching! Having a good centerpiece really adds to the mood and design of your reception.

Beautiful Bouquets 

Obviously, you need some pretty flowers to hold! The bouquets of flowers that you hold show the color scheme of your wedding inspiration and really add to the look of you and your bridesmaids.

Find a good wedding planner

Having a wedding coordinator help you plan your wedding can make all the difference in the world. It is helpful to have someone who is an expert in wedding planning, to help you figure out the logistics of your wedding day. Sometimes it is nice to have someone to lean on so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

Hire a professional photographer to capture your big day

That’s where we come in! Seth and Beth Wedding Photography love to hang back and be unnoticed to capture different parts of the wedding day. We are close by for your moments but at certain times we know that it is important to be not too intrusive. 

Choose an incredible wedding venue

We got ya covered! We have been to MANY weddings and we know all the hot spots to have the wedding inspiration that you need! Visit our wedding venue page to find the best wedding venue for you!

Custom Reception Entertainment

Food Trucks – Liz and Jared

Food trucks are a great outdoor reception add-on! It’s fun for your guests and convenient for you! Guests can order their own meals and have a backyard picnic kind of experience!

Live Entertainment – SWAGG

A live wedding band is so epic and can really make your wedding memorable. We look forward to weddings where the reception will have a wedding band because we know that the guests are always in for a special treat.

Are you having a small wedding in Columbus Ohio?

These Ohio small wedding venues are intimate and romantic. Seth and Beth look forward to photographing each of these incredible events.

Rockmill Brewery

Via Vecchia Winery

The Vue Columbus

Seth and Beth are Easy Going Photographers

With a decade of experience, Seth and Beth have learned to roll with the punches and the wedding hurdles that happen throughout the big day. We adjust to unplanned things that happen that may get us off the course of the wedding day timeline.

We are Lively Photographers

Our enthusiastic attitude helps you and your guests feel comfortable, allowing y’all to be yourself. This allows us to capture your true candid self which makes for the best photojournalistic photos.

We are Seth and Beth

We are Seth & Beth – married and madly in love. We provide artistic and creative “out of the box” wedding photos in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. We strive to put a fresh, new twist on every wedding photo we take, incorporating colorful surroundings, emotions, and moments. We live to meet strong, sexy brides who are crazy in love and confident grooms that aren’t afraid to cry. We want to deliver beauty and surrealism while maintaining our mission of love and professionalism.

Seth Kerechanin Portrait Photography

Seth specializes in photographing seniors, families, professional headshots, beauty portraits for women and promotional video work. Seth Kerechanin Photography is a true photographic experience, culminating in beautiful and timeless wall art for your home. 

Ohio Indian Wedding Photography

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography is known for their Indian Wedding Photography. Our  years of experience with the different types of Indian Wedding ceremonies have allowed us to gain the knowledge to be one of the premier Indian wedding specialists. Because Seth and Beth are two master photographers and over a decade of photographing together, they are able to take on the long Indian wedding weekend. We are so blessed to have been a part of some of the most lavishing Indian weddings in Columbus, Cleveland and throughout Ohio.