Planning for Sunset Portraits

Who doesn’t love a classic sunset photo?! I know I do! It can be challenging planning for sunset portraits and figuring out the right timing and technique for taking a great sunset portrait. In this blog, we will give you all the details about planning for sunset portraits. 

What do you look for

Many inquire about what to look for when choosing a location for sunset portraits. However, you will ask yourself what it is you are wanting in the end. A beautiful sunset photo can be taken in many different locations based on what it is you are looking for.

A Clean Skyline

A clean skyline is important and sometimes overlooked. You want to be avoiding distracting electrical wires and buildings that can be distracting in photos.

Pockets of light

After attending a Two Mann Studios Workshop, we learned of a term called pockets of light. When the sun starts to set leaving the sky full of beautiful colors, look on the ground or in the water for little pockets of light. These little pockets of light create a light and dark contrast which is beautiful in photos.

Stay After Sunset and Keep Shooting

The term Golden Hour is definitely something you want to be familiar with. Golden Hour is the perfect time to plan sunset photos. The sun will be nearly set, leaving the sky full of beautiful natural colors. Your photos will have a softer, day dream feel. If planned perfectly, you may even get a beautiful solar flare in your photos.

But don’t just leave…Keep Shooting

Sunset Silhouette

After golden hour, there will be the beautiful blue hour. This is that time in the evening when everything seems to be calm and still. In photos, your skies will be a perfect deep blue with hints of tailing orange and peaches from sunset.

Blue hour makes for an incredible sunset silhouette. As you and your fiance prepare for these epic pics, make sure you keep all the advice in this blog in mind for planning for sunset portraits. You still want to be looking for a great location and clear skies. We are always a big fan of a cool tree to frame your silhouette.

Plan Ahead for a Seamless Sunset Photo Shoot

Getting these timeless magical photos is not a surprise. Each picture was well thought out using all of the tips and tricks mentioned in this blog. Like all good things in life, if you take the time to do the work, good things will happen to you.


The timing of your sunset portraits may be the most important tip. You will want to check to see when the sunset is on the day of your shoot. We like to start the session about an hour before sunset. This will give you time to become comfortable getting your photo taken and be familiar with poses.

When you start seeing the sky fill with the soft colors of peach, orange and pinks, it is golden hour. It is time to start taking your sunset portraits. Soon after, you will continue to see the sky change into blue hour.

Look for Clouds

Clouds can create a unique aspect to your photos. Instead of having a clear sky in the background, having clouds can add more of a majestic feel to your photos.

Look for trees

Trees are a great way to add an interesting aspect to the photo. It’s fun to show the scale between the couple and the tree that they are next to or under. A tree can add a frame around the couple and create a great romantic aspect to the silhouette photo. 

Of course have fun

It is important to have fun when getting your photos taken during a sunset photography session. You want to let loose and capture the candid moments between you and the other people in the photo. When you can have fun and are happy during the photoshoot it will show in the end result. You will look back at your photos and think how your individual characteristic shows in the picture.

Find a good location

Finding a good location is so important when photographing sunset silhouette photos. When getting ready to take these sunset photos, it is important to find an open location that can strictly focus on the couple so they can stand out against the sunset background. We love to use a hill or higher location to capture a good sunset photo. 

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