Old Courthouse Wedding Cleveland | Shivani & Kishen

Shivani and Kishen had an absolutely stunning three day Indian wedding in Cleveland, Ohio! They held their big ceremony and reception at the elegant venue, Old Courthouse. The colorful decor of this wedding was beautifully complimented by the customizable venue, showcasing the venue’s picturesque and unique charm.

Shivani and Kishen are so madly in love and we are so honored that we got the chance to capture it on their wedding day!

About Old Courthouse

Old Courthouse is located on Lakeside Avenue in Cleveland, OH. This is an ideal location in downtown Cleveland for its close accessibility to all things entertainment, including the well-known FirstEnergy Stadium. Its ornate architecture is the first thing you will notice when walking up to this courthouse. Stunning stonework, marble, stained glass windows, and murals, decorate the building. Inside you will find the main atrium and jaw-dropping grand staircase, great for picture taking opportunities (which is what we love)!!

The courthouse is actually a real and functioning courthouse but the main atrium can be rented out for events, such as your wedding day. The venue is a great place for both ceremonies and receptions. Large ceremonies and receptions can be held here which makes it very versatile in what the couple is looking for. That being said, the space is so large that not having enough room is rarely ever an issue. As for receptions, you can invite up to 400 guests so you can have the large wedding of your dreams!

About Hilton Cleveland Downtown

Hilton Cleveland Downtown is such an amazing getting ready and wedding location. Get ready for your big day with a view! Enjoy a luxury suite with your bridal team and enjoy the views of the FirstEnergy stadium and Lake Erie. The in-house planners will help you plan your wedding and run through all of the decorating packages with you and your fiance. 

The stunning ballroom holds up to 1,000 guests for your wedding reception which is absolutely incredible! The ballroom features floor-to-ceiling windows with an absolutely remarkable view of Lake Erie. 

Located right across from Old Courthouse, the Hilton Cleveland Downtown is in the heart of Cleveland and located right next to the FirstEnergy stadium and the beautiful great lake, Lake Erie. After your big day, you and your guests can enjoys the amazing suites the hotel has to offer to wind down and relax. 

About the Couple

Shivani and Kishen are two amazing people. Their kind hearts and soft spirits make them a perfect pair. Shivani and Kishen met online and instantly fell in love. Shivani is a Cleveland girl at heart but moved to Jersey to start her life with Kishen.

She is proud of her Indian culture and it was important to her to have a traditional Indian wedding in her hometown of Cleveland.

We wish you both the best as you start your lives together.

A Big Thank You To Chandai Events

A big thank you to Chandai and her team in helping make Shivani and Kishen’s wedding a dream. Your commitment to your clients makes for a flawless wedding day. We look forward to working with you in the future.


Wedding Coordinator – Chandai Events

Photography – Seth and Beth Wedding Photography

DJ – Allure DJ

Hair & Makeup – Tyler Joseph Beauty

Lunch Caterer – Shurddha Catering

Reception & Dinner Caterer – Saffron Patch

Violinist – John the Violinist

Decor – Alina Saini

Cake – Courtney Simpkins

Chairs – Steven Orlando $4 Chiavari Chairs

The Baraat

The Baraat is an awesome jubilation and moment of joy as the groom enters the wedding. As always, Seth and Beth are so wise and always wear earplugs so they can get as close to the action and be in the heart of the celebration. They are aware of the importance of getting the reactions of the family and friends celebrating the groom. It is so exciting to see what the groom is going to ride in on to the ceremony. 

You have to have live music as you process into your wedding reception! Live music always sets the mood and gets the guests dancing. This Baraat custom is a must! A big question is what will you ride throughout the Baraat?! There are so many great ideas such as a Ferrari, Maserati, Horse, Elephant… What would be fun for you?! 

Baraat Entrance Ideas

Are you looking for Baraat entrance ideas? The Baraat is such a fun and exciting time for a groom, his family, friends, and men attending an Indian ceremony. The Baraat is such a fun and memorable time on the wedding day. Enjoy these tips to make your Baraat entrance the best!

3 Tips to Make Your Baraat Entrance Fun and Memorable

  1. Don’t worry about other people! Feel free and careless in the moment. Everyone else will see you letting loose and they will too.
  2. Throw petals! Have your planner hand out petals to throw out! This will bring an element of excitement to your Baraat entrance and will look incredible in photos too!
  3. Have you thought of a performance to incorporate into your Baraat entrance?! This could be fun to get the guys laughing and dancing.

The Vidhi

The Vidhi is a series of religious ceremonies prior to the wedding. Typically the bride and groom each have their own ceremony. This is an important family event and is typically very emotional.

The Ceremony

The colorful ceremonies with the grand entrances are always so exciting. Each Mandap is unique in its own way depending on the colors, flowers, and other decorative materials that the couple chooses to use. The ceremony on the wedding day is a special time for Seth and Beth to capture the looks of the family as the moments unfold.

Little Additions at the Ceremony

At the ceremony, key religious moments and little additions are placed. These are chosen based on what is special to you and your family. Perhaps it is the lighting of the fire, throwing of puffed rice, exchanges of moments between you and your parents. 

The Reception

We look forward to capturing all of the important parts of your Indian wedding reception. If given the time, Seth and Beth will document your guests at cocktail hour, laughing with friends and family and enjoying the entertainment. As the couple is introduced for the first time as husband and wife into the reception, Seth and Beth will be there to capture all the reactions as the guests cheer on the couple.

We look forward to and are ready to document the incredible dancing from the couple, their family and their guests as the drums start playing and the DJ begins the enchanting Bollywood music.

Old Courthouse Wedding Cleveland

Indian Bride Photos

All of our Indian Brides and Indian Grooms deserve the most epic, stunning portraits to remember themself by on their wedding day. It is important to capture these timeless memories of a bride’s sari or lehenga. The beautiful colors that she chooses, the patterns, and the beading will be talked about forever. We look forward to photographing the beautiful jewelry, red and gold bangles, incredible earrings, gold necklaces, each toe ring, and anklet that is worn. And for the groom, his family will always be remembering the kurta or sherwani that he wore on his wedding day. Seth and Beth Wedding Photography will make sure that you feel comfortable as we capture your wedding day portraits. This is important, we want you to remember feeling like yourself in the photos, confident and comfortable. 

An Indian bride is looking for wedding ideas to make her wedding special and unique. This blog has ideas and tips to help her make this happen. Each bride had thoughtful intent in choosing her design and style of dress, hair, and accessories. Read further for inspiration.

Indian Bridal Hair

Whether it is a traditional braid that an Indian bride chooses for her wedding day, or for a modern hairstyle, the hairstyle that an Indian bride decides will determine her style of dress. Importantly, the personality of the bride has so much to do with her final choice. Perhaps a braid or loose messy bun.

Adorable Couple Shots | Inspiration for an Indian Bride

Indian wedding couples are full of life and love. Each unique couple’s relationship is special and should be captured in a way that shows their personality. and it is a true joy to capture their relationship in a creative and unique way. 

Creativity in Indian Wedding Photography

Entering the creativity portion of the Indian wedding experience is an exciting part of being a Columbus Indian Wedding Photographer. Indian wedding couples are full of life and love and it is a true joy to capture their relationship in a creative and unique way. Creativity in photos allows Seth and Beth Wedding Photography, Columbus Indian Wedding Photographer, to use our lighting skills and natural posing.

Indian Family Photos 

We know that your family photos are super important to you and they have to happen and also know that family photos can be a difficult part of the photography process. As always, are ready to make you and your family feel comfortable as we are able to quickly capture each family member, make them smile, and have them feel like themself in the photo.

Old Courthouse Wedding Cleveland