Enjoy these incredible pictures of a wedding. Capturing moments of joy and love on a wedding day is one of the most special parts of being a photographer. Explore these beautiful photos from weddings in Ohio, showcasing creative ceremony setups, real emotions, and memorable details.

Getting the Perfect Sunset in Your Wedding Photos

Sunrise and sunset are always popular times for photography, and weddings are no exception. Ask your photographer to schedule some of your photo sessions around these magical moments so you can capture the perfect bronze skies in your wedding photos. Sunset light is soft and warm, creating a romantic atmosphere – especially if there’s water or some other reflective surface such as a lake or ocean nearby!

Capturing Emotional Vows and Romantic Details.

​​When the couple begin to recite the vows, it’s going to be an incredibly important moment. You can hear a pin drop as everyone holds their breath, naturally waiting for the happy (and sometimes tearful) conclusion of what had been such a wonderfully long and heartfelt introduction. Take advantage of all these awe-inspiring details like emotions, wedding dresses, the amazing wedding cake, bridal bouquets, etc., and capture these candid moments that are bound to be looked back on fondly!

Candid, Quiet Moments on Your Wedding Day

During the wedding day, it’s important not to let those small but special moments pass by! While many of the images you will take will be posed during particular stages of the wedding day, don’t forget about some of the unsuspecting shots – the ones you have no control over or idea when they might happen. These candid shots create lasting memories and are unmistakably beautiful. Try capturing a quiet hug between the bride and her mother, or a groom wiping away yet another tear during his vows. Catching these special moments adds an extra layer of emotion to your photographs that won’t go unappreciated.

Memorable Pictures of a Wedding

Taking stunning wedding photos starts with the perfect backdrop. When choosing the photography locations, think of a place that has special significance to you as a couple and how this could be reflected in your pictures. Do you have a favorite park or beach nearby? Maybe there’s an old building with unique architecture that you love? Look for places that are meaningful to you and try to take some unique photographs during the photoshoot. Keep in mind, these should also match the aesthetics of your wedding, while still keeping things natural and organic-looking so they will look timeless in years to come.

Pictures of a wedding

Useful Props That Create Lasting Memories of Your Big Day.

Adding in your own personal touches to your wedding photos will give them an extra special and unique feel. Props like signs, letters, pictures, and even sparklers can add a fun element to the shoot that you won’t get with a regular backdrop. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, consider including props such as blooming plants or banners to make it look more romantic. You can also use champagne or balloons for some playful photos. Use any prop as a way to showcase your personalities as a couple!

Pictures of a wedding

Looking for a way to store Pictures of a Wedding?

USB Memory Direct makes sharing our couple’s photos easy. This is a way that couples can quickly and safely download their cherished wedding photos and store them safely. The hassle-free system is included in our top packages. USB Memory Direct creates incredible flashes with a double-sided flash drive with a USB on one side and a USBC on the other allowing nearly anyone complete access to their wedding photos. This is a perfect way to store pictures of a wedding.

5 Reasons to Hire Seth and Beth Wedding Photography

  1. Connection with people and their families

They love connecting with you and learning what you love about each other. This knowledge helps us deliver the most incredible product because we have learned about you both, what you like doing, what it looks like when you love. We then can create the best photos that you will love for the rest of your life. We don’t just push buttons on a camera but we specialize in learning the chemistry of love and people. That’s what makes us the BEST Ohio wedding photographer.

  1. Creating a comfortable experience for couples and their families

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography loves to hang back and be unnoticed to capture different parts of the wedding day. We are close by for your moments but at certain times we know that it is important to be not too intrusive. 

  1. Seth and Beth Wedding Photography Want to be a Wedding Resource to You!

Seth and Beth officially know A LOT about weddings! After a decade of experience photographing weddings, they have seen and encountered many obstacles on the wedding day. Seth and Beth Wedding Photography want to help you build a detailed timeline and be a wedding resource for you through the process to help you eliminate some of these wedding obstacles for you.

  1. How We Capture Pictures of a Wedding

Family photos can be a tough part of the wedding day. We make this easy as we help you make a family photo list before the wedding. On the wedding day, we will bring this list as a guide to make the family photos go quickly and effortless.

  1. Working with Columbus wedding venues

Seth and Beth Wedding Photography has many years of experience working with wedding venues across Central Ohio. These connections with wedding planners, venues, hair and makeup artists, florists, and DJ’s allow for a dream team wedding team!

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